Ongoing Compliance Support

Compliance Advisor Professionals, LLC (CAP) is dedicated to understanding and meeting the compliance needs of each client in an efficient, thorough, and cost-effective manner. In order to craft customized compliance support solutions, we analyze each investment advisor’s business needs. We are then able to target our support to address the client’s specific needs and requirements.

CAP offers comprehensive compliance support, so that our clients can conduct their business with the confidence that the necessary filings are complete, current, and in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements.

Our personalized compliance support means helping clients understand current regulatory requirements, keeping them on track as they navigate the compliance process. Working with investment advisors across many platforms, we draft and review compliance documents, customizing them to the needs of each investment advisory firm. Our goal is to not only keep our clients in compliance with SEC and state regulations, but to educate and empower them.

Our Ongoing Compliance Support services include (this list is not all-inclusive):

  • Form ADV Preparation, Filing and/or Reviews: Depending on your need, we will prepare or review your disclosure documents: Form ADV Parts I, 2A, 2B and Form ADV Part 2A Appendix 1 (Wrap Fee Brochure), as applicable. This includes reviewing disclosures of services, fees, sources of compensation, wrap fee arrangements, material affiliations and any conflicts of interest, potential or otherwise, etc. as well as offering suggestions for changes and additional disclosures.
  • Form ADV Annual Amendment: Preparation of the Annual Updating Amendment required by the SEC and/or state regulatory authorities within 90 days of fiscal year end.
  • Registration and Licensing Monitoring Service: Our team, familiar with the SEC requirements and the preferences of many state regulators, efficiently prepares registration and licensing documents, as well as administering annual renewals of state registrations (state advisors) or notice filings (SEC advisors).
  • Compliance Procedures Manual: CAP updates procedures as warranted by changes in the industry. Changes may include new best practices and new regulatory requirements, ensuring that clients’ written compliance procedures are comprehensive and current. Included in this service is a monthly Compliance Checklist to help clients streamline and manage compliance responsibilities throughout the year.
  • Code of Ethics: The Advisers Act requires each investment advisor to adopt and maintain a written Code of Ethics to which the investment advisor and its employees must adhere. CAP will work with you to develop and maintain a Code of Ethics in compliance with SEC guidelines.
  • Business Continuity Plans: SEC rules require that each investment advisor maintain a Business Continuity Plan in order to establish emergency preparedness policies and procedures in the event of a business disruption. CAP will work with you to develop and maintain a Business Continuity Plan customized specifically for your firm.
  • Off-site Compliance Reviews: A cost-effective alternative to on-site mock examinations, CAP’s off-site reviews involve requesting and reviewing compliance documents, then issuing a confidential report with findings and recommendations, followed by support to rectify problems in advance of an actual exam by regulators.
  • Advertising/Marketing Materials Reviews: CAP conducts a thorough review of all advertising and marketing materials, including websites, newsletters, pitchbooks and performance presentations. We will recommend necessary disclosures, bearing in mind the SEC’s particular focus on marketing and performance presentations.
  • Annual Compliance Program Reviews: Federally registered investment advisors are required by the SEC to review compliance policies and procedures for adequacy and effectiveness, at least annually. CAP assists clients in this review, which includes a risk assessment and summary of action items for the coming year.
  • General Consulting: We view ourselves as partners with our clients. Utilizing our expertise with regulatory and compliance matters allows clients to dedicate their time, effort, and resources to their core business objectives, as opposed to navigating a maze of compliance regulations. We are here to help you with all of your compliance support needs.

We are committed to offering our clients precisely the compliance support they need, streamlining their compliance responsibilities for effectiveness and ease of maintenance now and in the future. The team members at CAP look forward to working alongside you to fully address your compliance support needs.