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Jennifer Harris

Jen is an Administrative Assistant at Compliance Advisor Professionals working closely with CAP’s President, Ellen Bruno, as well as with the Team.

Following her years at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, Jen spent 20 years in Customer Service for the prestigious silversmith, Reed and Barton, where she honed her organizational and administrative skills.

Most clients will work closely with Jen as she is the “keeper of the calendars”; exclusively responsible for scheduling all internal meetings and coordinating calls with clients. Jen is also accountable for creating and sending Checklist Call Notes, email blasts, the occasional greeting card to clients for birthdays, weddings, new babies, etc., which she especially enjoys, as well as a host of other responsibilities.

Jen was born and raised on the South Coast where she is an award-winning director and choreographer for many Community and Collegiate theatre companies. She resides with her son, Nathan and her long-time partner, Matthew.


When I needed help establishing my business, I launched a nationwide search for a compliance solution. I found a lot of solid candidates, but I knew that a solution that goes beyond the normal scope of compliance would make my life simpler and my bus…”
– Institutional Investment Manager, Naples, FL

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