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Jonathan Palmer, Esq.

Fax: (508) 300-0243

Jonathan Palmer is a Senior Associate at Compliance Advisor Professionals.

Jonathan holds a BA in Sociology and Political Science from South Dakota State University and a JD from Northeastern University. 

Jonathan has interned at the RI DOT, RI Department of Administration, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Massachusetts State Securities Division. He has also worked as a Contract Attorney for a Boston Law Firm, and as Legal Counsel for a private business in Massachusetts.

Jonathan brings an impressive ability to effectively and efficiently navigate through nuances; and identify, dissect, and then present information in a thoughtful manner. Jonathan assists on a number of client calls across a wide range of topics, as well as monthly Compliance Checklist Calls, and has been instrumental to us this Annual Amendment Season.

Born to Trinidadian parents, Jonathan grew up in the Greater Boston area where he capitalized on his natural swimming abilities with daily hard work and dedication to earn a swimming scholarship to South Dakota State. He enjoys music, going to the gym, playing with his Pitbull, Daisy, and occasionally spending time at the family home in Trinidad.


I have enjoyed working with Ellen, both personally and professionally. She and her team provide us with invaluable counsel and assistance with much of the “heavy lifting” that our compliance program requires. We could not operate our smal…”
– Paul Barbehenn, Andesa Financial Management, Inc.

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