Marty was originally thought to be a Brittany Spaniel when he was rescued, but he turned out to be a Llewellyn Setter. He is a sweet, energetic boy and has been a member of the CAP Crew for about one year. His duties include patrolling the grounds, wrestling with his brother George, sniffing for snacks, laying under desks, and taking extended afternoon siestas with George in Ellen’s office. He is our resident adventurer and is really into physical fitness. He occasionally likes to “travel”, encouraging other team members to stay fit and go for a quick jog (to catch him!).

When he is not in the office, he enjoys napping, walks with Mom and Dad, playing with George, and acting as the facilities associate on his home turf.


I have enjoyed working with Ellen, both personally and professionally. She and her team provide us with invaluable counsel and assistance with much of the “heavy lifting” that our compliance program requires. We could not operate our smal…”
– Paul Barbehenn, Andesa Financial Management, Inc.

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