Taylor Dodenhoff

Taylor is an Administrative Assistant at Compliance Advisors Professionals. She is a graduate of Bristol Community College with an Associate’s degree in Office Administration.

Taylor joined CAP in 2020 and works closely with the entire CAP team assisting with various administrative tasks including document formatting and editing. She is a great addition to the team as we all benefit from her strong work ethic, organizational skills, and exceptional attention to detail.

Taylor lives with her husband, Gabriel, and their three cats Phlannel, Simon, and Sadie. She enjoys going for walks, cooking, and playing video games and loves spending time with her family.


I have enjoyed working with Ellen, both personally and professionally. She and her team provide us with invaluable counsel and assistance with much of the “heavy lifting” that our compliance program requires. We could not operate our smal…”
– Paul Barbehenn, Andesa Financial Management, Inc.

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